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Flying Pig Apiary...A pollinator friendly farm in beautiful Durham, North Carolina.

 Our bees are Italian VSH (Varroa Sensitive Hygiene) stock that forage on native trees and wildflowers including tulip poplar, sourwood, red maple, elderberry, clover and other native plants. We practice integrated pest management (IPM) using organic solutions whenever possible. The raw honey is carefully filtered before bottling. Our bees produce a delicious & unique honey varying from year to year depending on the local nectar flow.


100% Wildflower Honey

Small Batch
1lb. jars
delicious wildflower honey


North Carolina "Purple" Honey

Summer 2018
All a "buzz" here at Flying Pig! We just harvested 6-8 medium frames of rare
North Carolina "Purple" honey.
According to entomologists from NCSU there could be several factors at play:
-bees foraging on sourwood trees or elderberries
-aluminum content in certain flower nectar combined with the level of acidity of
bees while turning nectar into honey.

Super Small Batch
Only Available in 5oz jars
$20 + SH (SOLD OUT)

Summer 2019
Thanks for all of the inquires about “purple” honey this year.
So far we have harvested approximately 100lbs of beautiful and delicious wildflower honey,
but no “purple” honey this year….perhaps due to the weeks of heavy rains followed by late May temps in the upper 90s.


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